Learning Environment

The Nursery Room

Our nursery area can take up to 15 children at a time. Children can join from the age of 3 months and can stay in our nursery until they are 2 years old. The adult to child ratio within this room is 1 adult per every 3 children. Throughout the day the children have access to a range of different areas of the nursery, all designed to offer bespoke learning opportunities: the playroom, the messy room, the sensory room and the garden. Each area of the nursery is set up as a stimulating environment that supports children to independently explore. Low level storage and displays enable children even at a young age to start making choices about what they would like to engage with. Lots of cosy spaces are also accessible to help promote social interactions and the forming of relationships. We also have a separate sleep room to ensure your little one can have a peaceful and relaxing sleep during the day. As the children progress in their learning journeys, more structured activities are planned to cater to individual next steps and also prepare children for their transition into the toddler room.

The Toddler Room

Our toddler room is able to take up to 12 children at a time; supporting children who are 2 and 3 years old. The adult to child ratio within this room is 1 adult per every 4 children. The toddler room offers a range of learning opportunities that encourage children to learn through play and exploration. We support children to acquire skills to enable them to develop independence and we also provide short small group opportunities with a focus on building relationships with each other and also developing communication and language skills. Messy and outside play is also heavily featured in the experience we off for the toddler room children. 

When children transition from the nursery to the toddler room, each transition is carefully planned and parents and carers are well informed in relation to each stage of this. Older babies/toddlers spend time with their new key person in their new surroundings to ensure the move is enjoyable and easy for both you and your child.

The Preschool Room

Our pre-school area can take up to 20 children at a time. We aim that children start in this room when they turn 3 years of age or when we feel the child is ready. The adult to child ratio within this room is 1 adult per every 8 children. A combination of child-initiated and adult-led learning opportunities are provided. This allows children to make choices about what they would like to play with and learn about. The main playroom is divided into areas of learning linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, making an all round enabling environment. Once again, messy and outside play is heavily featured in the routine of the day; with children having access to our large outside garden area. 

Our toddler and preschool room are located at the same end of the setting, this works perfectly for free flow play and transition sessions for our toddler children who move into our preschool.

Outside Play 

We are very privileged to have access to amazing outside spaces for the children of the Ark at Tresillian to utilise. These include our top garden, bottom garden and also the community garden. We like to go outside in all weather to encourage a love of the outside world and nature across the seasons. So we always ask parents and carers to send their children prepared for all eventualities.

The Sensory Room

We are very proud of our developing sensory room, which is accessed by all children who attend the Ark at Tresillian. It is a great space to explore sensory resources, engage in small group music activities or even explore heuristic play.

Contact Us

The Ark at Tresillian is open Monday- Friday, 8.00am-6.00pm, 50 weeks of the year

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Telephone number: 01548 852443

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